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Pete Cantwell

Peter Cantwell


Peter Cantwell holds a distinguished position of considerable responsibility, serving concurrently as the National President and as President of Local 19 at Scott Air Force Base (AFB), Illinois, situated within the Metropolitan St. Louis area. His leadership role in Local 19 signifies a deep commitment to the welfare and representation of his members, ensuring that their collective interests are addressed at both local and national levels.

In his professional capacity at Scott AFB, Mr. Cantwell is entrusted with the role of a Flight Management Specialist within the Global Air Operations Center. This position requires a high level of expertise in managing and coordinating complex flight operations that support the United States’ strategic air mobility missions. His contributions are pivotal in optimizing the efficacy of global air transportation, which is critical to the operational readiness and rapid deployment capabilities of the United States Air Force. His dual roles demand exceptional organizational skills, an in-depth understanding of air mobility operations, and a steadfast dedication to the service members he represents.