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NAIL is a closed, non political federal labor union.  Our goal is to provide all eligible bargaining unit employees the best representation possible under your Collective Bargaining Agreement and Federal Employment law.  Elite status members enjoy a much fuller and robust coverage for items not covered in your Collective Bargaining Agreement.  ask you Local President or contact us through this web page.
WE ARE NON-POLITICAL. Repeating we are Non Political.  We don’t support any person, party, platform or proposition.  We support our employees and the taxpayers who trust us with taxpayer dollars.
The Leadership of NAIL consist of employees who are currently employed in Federal Service.  We live and work the issues of all other employees live and work.  We can talk the talk because we walk the walk.
You will not see our leaders taking selfies at political events on dues payers dollars.
WE are not looking for ‘clicks’, ‘likes’ or ‘happy face emojis’. 
Our laser focus is employees not ourselves.
Please contact your local president or contact us through this web page for more.
Your fellow federal employee
Peter Cantwell
President National NAIL
Pete Cantwell