Your local NAIL Union has bargained a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) steeped with congressionally mandated Federal Protections, affirmed by the Federal Courts while ensuring your unique Installations’ missions and purposes are respected and protected.

Your CBA is a contract.

Your CBA is NOT a bunch of suggestions for Management to follow.

Your Local officers and Stewards are trained in the intent and purposes of Federal Labor Law and the exacting details of your CBA.

Your Local Officers and Stewards will provide professional, up-to-date and relentless representation.

Employees making the decision to protect their paychecks will receive the fantastic benefit of legal representation from the foremost Federal Sector Law Firm, BONNEY, ALLENBERG, O’REILLY & EDDY, P.C.TM,   We all know the price of legal representation.  This outstanding representation is one of the tremendous benefits of being a dues paying employee, representation without retainers, financial limits or cost to you.

Keep in mind the additional benefits of being dues paying is protection from items that are specifically excluded from your CBA.   For example, did you know that if you are removed from your position and you are not a dues paying Union member, locyou will not have representation in your appeal to the MSPB.  This is reserved exclusively for dues paying members. This is also true of any Equal Employment Opportunity claims.

Contact your al Union office or a Steward to know what is NOT covered by your CBA and to become a dues paying employee with the the relief your paycheck is protected. Click Here LOCAL UNITS 

Contact us if you want info on how to form a NAIL Local at your Installation.

Carolyn Macon

National President

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